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Lawn Mower Maintenance

Regular Lawn Mower Maintenance and Lawn Mower Service Is Important

A key component of having a lawn that is beautiful and healthy is making sure your lawn mower is in good condition. Be sure to service mowing equipment regularly and use a lawn mower blade sharpening service.

A lawn mower that is well-maintained will have a longer life span. The condition of the lawn mower also affects the appearance and health of the yard itself. If a lawn mower’s blades are dull, it may cut inconsistently, unevenly or it may not cut at all. Instead of making neat cuts, dull mower blades shred and tear grass, which opens the turf to infection and reduces its capacity to absorb nutrients and water.

Service Your Mower with Bardstown Mills’ Local Lawn Mowing Service 

Every lawn mower benefits from annual maintenance. Bardstown Mills can assist you in winterizing your mower to make sure it is ready for spring.  Make an appointment for lawn mower service after your last visit for Lawn Maintainer Care in the fall. Bring it to our workshop, where we will sharpen the blades, swap out spark plug and do overall lawn mower maintenance. Contact Bardstown Mills for local lawn mower service.

Bardstown Mills experts will help keep your lawn mower running smoothly by cleaning essential fluids and parts and replacing them if needed.  Our Lawn Mower Maintenance service will protect the investment you have made in your lawn.

Bardstown Mills’ Lawn Mower Maintenance Service includes:

  • Oil change
  • Winterizing the fuel system
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air filter cleaning
  • Sharpening lawn mower blades
  • Balancing the lawn mower blade
  • Servicing lawn mower
  • Cleaning and waxing the mower
  • Inspecting the lawn mower for more maintenance needs